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What does Suzuki on the Island look like for your child?

I. Private Lessons

One-on-one Learning: individualized weekly attention that helps establish excellent technique and music making from the start

Performance Preparations: our teachers help to instill discipline and consistent practice habits that prepare the student(s) for solo performance opportunities and SOTI recitals
Comprehensive Teaching Styles: an integration of the Suzuki approach paired with other methodologies (i.e. I Can Read Music, Scales, Etudes, Technique Books, Sight-Reading Materials etc.) that suit all learning styles and levels

II. Group Classes

Ensemble Building and Teamwork: group learning creates interdependence, side-by-side ensemble training, camaraderie, and friendship
Masterclass Style Instruction: students regularly perform solos with piano accompaniment in front of peers and teachers with the opportunity to receive constructive feedback and develop self confidence
Repertoire and Musicianship: craft the total musician through an organized practice of review pieces, scales, etudes, sight-reading, and other method-based learning that complements private lesson studies

III. Performances

Community: listening to the successes and progress of all SOTI students in multiple performances a year brings our SOTI family together!
Goal Oriented: long-term goals create a purpose for everyday practice
Showcase and Celebrate Achievements: share personal progress and musical milestones with the support of friends and family!

Instruments Taught at SOTI

Violin, Viola and Cello

Students interested in learning violin, viola and cello can start taking lessons as early as three or four years of age. These instruments are fit-to-size, and are proportional to the child’s arm length. Eventually as the child grows, the instrument is traded in for a larger size. Violin, viola and cello lessons are taught using elements of the Suzuki Method that are integrated with supplementary technical studies (i.e. I Can Read Music, Wolfhart, and Mazas). Over time, and once a solid foundation on the instrument is established, many of our students are well equipped to take on more advanced etudes, solo works by J.S. Bach, and major concerti in the repertoire. 


The piano is a foundational instrument that students can begin learning around 4 or 5 years old. Piano lessons are taught through the lens of the Suzuki method, with support from additional studies that enhance the student’s ear training skills and technical facility (i.e. Burgmüller Studies,  John Thompson Methods, Little Mozarts, and Czerny Etudes). To assist in recital preparation, SOTI piano teachers periodically hold studio classes that give students the opportunity to practice performing in a nurturing environment. 

Types of Classes Offered at SOTI

Private Lessons

Weekly one-on-one lessons that emphasize repertoire, technique building, and performance preparation.

Group Classes

Weekly ensemble-based classes that strengthen group performance skills and are required for all violin, viola and cello students in addition to private lessons.

Pre-Twinkle Classes – Starting in Fall 2024

SOTI’s “Pre-Twinkle” class is a dynamic and exciting introductory course designed for 3 and young 4 year olds. It offers hands-on instruction on each of the instruments offered at our school (violin, viola, cello and piano). The children and their parents get a chance to learn the Suzuki basics, including terminology, rhythm and proper positions, and gain an understanding of what makes each of these instruments so unique and wonderful! Each of our teachers spend several weeks at a time introducing their respective instruments and allowing each of the children to hold and play some basic pieces on each instrument. By the end of the class our pre-twinklers are well-positioned to choose the best instrument and teacher for themselves (with a valuable head start). They often go on to participate in our program for many years to come. These classes will begin in the Spring of 2024. Please fill out our Prospective Student Form so that we can reach out to you for Spring 2024 enrollment.

Additional Information:

Location: All lessons are held at the Congregational Church of Manhasset (1845 North Boulevard, Manhasset, LI). SOTI does not offer at-home lessons. 

Private Lesson and Group Class Times: Lessons are offered between 2:00pm–9:00pm, Monday through Thursday. 

Observing Lessons: We strongly recommend observing a private and/or group lesson prior to enrolling at Suzuki on the Island in order for your family to learn about the lesson process, to meet the teacher(s), and to see/hear the instrument you are considering learning. If you would like to observe more than one instrument, you are welcome to do so. This often helps both the parent and child decide which instrument is best! 

Sample Lessons: We strongly suggest prospective students to take a trial lesson to experience a hands-on lesson with the instrument, meet the teacher, and become familiar with the program.

Scholarship Information: Contact SOTI’s director Ani Gregorian Resnick for more information at [email protected].

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