Parent Testimonials

“We loved the virtual Spring recitals! In a pinch, SOTI really came through with an amazing recital that even relatives in California got to see. Thank you for all of your time and effort with that. During the Covid transition, Sing did such a great job with switching to remote lessons. She sees exactly what our kids are playing and knows how to help them, even virtually. We are really grateful for SOTI.”


Ann Marie and Jennifer Dorman

Mother of pianists

“Thank you for your dedication to music education. The last few months were trying at times as we have personally juggled our children and two full time work schedules. It was wonderful to see Peyton engaged in the intensive workshops and we are so happy to be a part of your SOTI community.”  


Patrice Cucinello

Mother of pianist and cellist

“As a music professional and educator, I am careful to find a high quality yet, nurturing music teacher for my own children. I have have found a lovely combination of both at Suzuki on the Island in Manhasset, NY. The school is run in an efficient, intelligent and caring manner. My kids went from having to attend piano lessons to wanting to study piano. They play more frequently on their own at home and I have seen significant improvement in their abilities. Suzuki on the Island is a fantastic place for children to learn about music.”

Pablo Rieppi

New York City Ballet Orchestra
The Juilliard School

Father of pianists

“I cannot say enough good things about Suzuki on the Island. The professionalism and positive energy that Ani and the faculty bring to the lessons are an inspiration every week. At SOTI, children are taught to play the right way in a fun and joyful process. The faculty connect with each student in a friendly, caring, and approachable manner as they fulfill a serious strategy for musical training. My children’s love for their instruments increased every week as their learning progressed. Little by little, they improved technically and artistically to bring out a big, full, beautiful sound they never knew they were capable of. SOTI’s welcoming and supportive community provides the perfect atmosphere for the many performance opportunities the school provides. And this is an aspect that really stands out about SOTI; young musicians grow immensely through rehearsing and performing with a professional accompanist. Master Classes are held at least once a year, giving students another priceless opportunity to hone their skills with a visiting professional musician. Each summer, our children have looked forward to The Artists Program Summer Chamber Music Festival. The quality of pedagogy during this week of Chamber Music, Choral, and Orchestra performance is nothing short of exceptional, and all the kids have so much fun! We have only one child left in high school, and we will be very sad when she graduates from SOTI. SOTI has been a gift that keeps on giving, and we are forever grateful”

Lesley Stackler

Mother of violinist and cellist

“We have been part of the SOTI family for over 4 years now, and our daughters have grown tremendously under the instruction of Ani and her team of dedicated teachers. Ani has the unique ability of building a strong rapport with her students – she’s great at connecting with them but also knows when to challenge, and when to mix things up with fun.We feel very lucky to be a part of this strong network of teachers, students and families, who all share the same goal of enriching our lives through music.”

Lorin Lau

Mother of violinist and pianist

“Based on my observations of every group and private lessons, recitals, winter and summer concerts, students make progress through every component of the program. All the teachers are so dedicated, caring and knowledgeable. Their teaching styles are versatile- all of the lessons are engaging and level/age appropriate. In particular, students are given opportunities to learn how to appreciate the history and background stories behind each piece of music, which I firmly believe is one of the essential parts of music education. I highly recommend SOTI.”

Xu Zhang

Mother of violinist

“SOTI has been more than just a violin school for us. Ani has become more than my son’s teacher – she has become our dear family friend as well. She understands how little children think and feel – she always listens to what children have to say. My husband says that if I went to a violin teacher like Ani, I would have played violin a lot longer.”

Jung Hwang

Mother of violinist

“What makes Suzuki On The Island special is its perfect balance between instruction and fun. Students are taught not only the fundamentals of playing their instruments well, but also tutored in points such as how to properly give a performance, respect for other performers, and appreciation for the music and concert environment. However, it is never lost that these are children learning the instruments. There is always an element of fun during the lessons, which often include games, contests, prizes, and the incorporation of personal experiences. Our daughter has flourished in this setting in a way that we’re not sure she would have anywhere else. It is a tribute to Ani that the school’s philosophy of commitment to teaching kids how to play the right way – communicated in a friendly, approachable atmosphere – has resulted in such a successful program.”

Gary and Nina Vincoff

Parents of violinist

“For the last year and a half, Thursday afternoons have been a highlight of my daughter’s week because that is when she has a piano lesson with Sing. Yes, this warm, kind and patient teacher has taught her how to play and read music, but more importantly, Sing has become a trusted friend who, along with Ani and the SOTI program, has boosted our daughter’s confidence. The frequent recitals have enabled our now 7-year-old to develop from a reluctant performer into a poised pianist who beams and bounces down the aisle to play before a crowd. Sing is caring, gentle and knows how to relate to kids. She makes the entire experience fun and SOTI has enhanced our daughter’s appreciation for music. We couldn’t ask for more.”

Amy Blumenfeld

Mother of pianist

“Suzuki on the Island has taken our kids from absolute beginners with nothing but curiosity and maybe some raw talent to young musicians who seem to grow and improve every year – even despite the natural challenges that come with teenage-hood and potentially competing demands on their time. Ani and Jane, both accomplished musicians whose love of music is contagious, are skilled, disciplined but, above all else, patient instructors who know how to reach each individual child. The combination of private and group classes also adds a dynamic that students respond to – they even laugh as they learn, and seem to enjoy the genuine camaraderie that’s developed over years of studying together. As a parent who values the importance of music in a child’s life, I feel lucky to have joined the Suzuki on the Island family almost 10 years ago.”

Arda Haratunian

Mother of violinist and cellist

“Not only are Ani’s teaching skills superb, so is her uncanny ability to make a genuine connection with each and every one of her students, and elevate them to perform with musicality and heart. My daughters have found her to be a joy to learn from and there is no doubt that the exceptional musical training they have received from her have benefits that will last them a lifetime, offering them skills that will make them well prepared for life in general. I just cannot speak highly enough of Suzuki on the Island!”

Dorette Forman

Mother of violinist

Student Testimonials

“I have learned so much since I attended SOTI when I was five. I learned how to cooperate in chamber orchestra. Ms. Ani is a very caring and great teacher! Mr. Noah is very funny who taught me techniques through games (for instance, alien bunnies, dragon and cheetah). My favorite part of SOTI is the Summer Chamber Music Festival where I can play my violin and enjoy music with friends.”

Spencer Zhang

“Miss Ani is nice, she is good at teaching violin and she makes me feel good and happy.” 


“Being a part of SOTI has taught me how to not just play the violin but love it. SOTI has also helped me grow as a person—working with others in ensemble and group settings has given me the ability to apply teamwork skills to all aspects of life.

Jocelyn Chiu

“My experience at the artists program has been so powerful and impactful on my life as a violinist. The opportunity to play beautiful music with other skilled musicians and to learn from teachers who have dedicated their entire lives to music has made me not only a better musician, but also a better person.” 

Spencer Wong

“I’ve been a student at SOTI for 14 years and have had the most amazing experience. Each lesson I hear myself improving more and more and the group classes have helped me so much, especially with playing in front of other people. The faculty are incredible and are always willing to help with anything. I really like the recitals because they give each kid an opportunity to play both by themselves and in a group. One of my favorite events is the chamber music festival. In this one week, you get a crazy amount of work done, but also have so much fun. I love all of the different opportunities offered such as chamber groups, a string orchestra, choir and a master class. Over these past two years, I’ve also been a teacher’s assistant for the “twinkle class”. Watching these very young kids grow has been one of the most amazing things. From the first day not being able to hold a violin correctly to now being able to play through pieces and scales, I’ve learned so much from helping them and they continue to impress me every week. I’ve met so many awesome people, and not only have made new friends, but have learned from them. I cannot stress enough how thankful I am for Ani and the entire SOTI family!”

Kyria Pidherny

“I love being a part of the uplifting and supportive community at SOTI.  My teachers and peers are so kind and motivating, and I am so happy that I get to learn and grow as a musician and a person in such a positive environment.”

Catherine Ziegler

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