Prospective Students

Prospective Students

We strongly recommend observing a private and/or group lesson prior to enrolling at Suzuki on the Island.  This enables both parent and child to get an idea of the lesson process and to meet the teacher.  It also allows you a chance to see and hear the instrument you are considering.  If you would like to observe more than one instrument, you are welcome to do so.  This often helps both parent and child decide which instrument would be best for their study.

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Violin, Viola and Cello

Keep in mind that both the violin and the cello are fit to size and can be started as young as three or four years old. In other words, these two instruments are proportionate to the child’s size (arm length) when they begin and subsequently when your child grows, you are able to trade in this instrument for the new and bigger size to match their growth. The viola is also fit to size but, is generally started several years later than the violin, cello, and piano. Sometimes a child might choose to switch to the viola in his or her teenage years. Other times, a child might decide to start the viola at around nine or ten years old.


The piano, although not fit to size, is an instrument kids can begin at around 4 or 5 years old. At this young age, we usually set up a sample lesson to make sure the child has not only the concentration to handle a weekly half hour lesson, but also the muscle strength to push down the keys with the correct hand position.

Pre-Twinkle Classes

We also offer a “pre-twinkle” class, which is a dynamic and exciting introductory class designed for 3 and young 4 year olds. It offers hands-on instruction on each of the instruments offered at our school (violin, viola, cello and piano). The children and their parents get a chance to learn the Suzuki basics, including terminology, rhythm and proper positions, and gain an understanding of what makes each of these instruments so unique and wonderful! Each of our teachers spend several weeks at a time introducing their respective instruments and allowing each of the children to hold and play some basic pieces on each instrument. By the end of the class our pre-twinklers are well-positioned to choose the best instrument and teacher for themselves (with a valuable head start). They often go on to participate in our program for many years to come.

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